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Welcome to the Femboy Webring

Femboys are misrepresented online. Many people accidentally get the idea that being a femboy is "a trend" but that is simply not true. This webring is a way for feminine boys to share a community with people who truly understand what it means to be a femboy. To allow non-femboys to grasp that being a femboy is a part of our identity and that it is not just about appearance.

The Purpose

The true purpose of this website is to inform others about the existance of femboys. Meaning that we are not just following some trend, but that being a femboy is more than just the skirts and thighhighs.

How To Join

The FemRing is a collection of websites either focused on GNC people or websites owned by a GNC person. The requirements are quite simple but may be expanded in the future. This is the requirements to join, but the full rules may expand beyond this:

  1. Have some reference to GNC or LGBT on your website
  2. Website must be HTTPS
  3. Website must be Web-14 or safer

To join you need to create a pull request on the site's Github. The instructions on how to do that will be found there.